FanTactics allows you, the artist, to have control of your destiny by combining feature-rich website software with fan-base services.

Connect with your fans and let your fan-base grow with you. Use our FanStar product to build your website - then manage your physical fulfilment, fan-club and promotional activity through FanTactics.

The FanStar product from FanTactics offers you the opportunity to create a professional integrated online presence in a way that is easy to use and requires no specialist knowledge.

Within in your own website, using your own graphical images, style and feel, you can decide the actual layout and content and choose your own design. You can:

  • Maintain up to date news items about your activities.
  • Keep a gallery of photographs.
  • Build up a discography with options to stream or download.
  • Promote your gigs and events.
  • Maintain a MySpace link.
  • Communicate with your fans via personalised emails.
  • Sell downloads.
  • Sell your physical merchandise.
  • Manage a fan club.
  • Set up ‘Street Teams’.
  • Operate a forum for your fans to talk to each other.
  • Run blogs for each band member.

. . . . . and much more.

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Featured Artist

Mr. Scruff
"Unique, funky and amusing - Mr.Scruff likes to describe his stuff as 'trouser jazz...'"

Featured Artist

Lucy and the Caterpillar
"An enchanting style, captivating the audience with her perky reflective musings..."

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