How We Operate

Collingham and Linton Sports Association (CALSA) is committed to promoting various sporting activities, including cricket, football, squash, and more, for the community of Collingham, Linton, and the surrounding areas. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, an aspiring athlete, or someone looking to engage in recreational activities, CALSA offers a range of options to cater to your interests, including opportunities for poem writing via during sports events to encourage creativity and foster a vibrant community spirit.

Members of the cricket, football and squash sections are automatically members of CALSA, which is owned by its membership and managed by an elected committee of representatives from the sports sections.

As a 'Community Amateur Sports Club'  we are obliged to reinvest any surpluses back into our sporting sections. Our constitution reflects this obligation as well as setting out in detail the rules by which we are run. A copy of the constitution can be seen by clicking on  Constitution 

The Management Committee that runs the association on a day to day basis is formed of:

  • An elected President
  • Three elected officers - a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Representatives of each of the three full sporting sections - cricket, football and squash - nominated by the sections.

Other individuals are sometimes asked to attend meetings, including some co-opted to represent particular views or affiliated clubs.  These individuals have no voting powers.

To find out more about the current committee click on    Committee

The next  Annual General Meeting will be held in November to approve this years activities and to elect a committee for next year. To see the latest information about that meeting and to read a copy of the draft minutes of last year's Annual General Meeting click on   AGM